Customer Testimonials

"Recently we lost our old infrared sauna to a house fire. Upon looking for a replacement we found a great deal of cheap saunas online but that was the biggest problem....they were CHEAP. We finally ran across Helo Saunas and really liked what they had available. When we walked in your store we were surprised to see that you actually had a good selection on hand, and in stock. We purchased a very good quality Helo Sauna that was actually nicer than what we had previously owned. Not only that but the price was excellent as well! We are sure happy we found you."
- S. Johnson (Seward, AK)

"Thanks to this new Eco-Choice Stove, we saved money purchasing the product and saved even more this winter on our heating bills." Great investment!" 
- B. Thomas (Fairbanks, AK)

"Over the last 30 years and four homes later, this is the first fireplace we've actually used and enjoy with the whole family"
- T. Culhane (Anchorage, AK) 

"We have owned a couple of hot tubs in the past, and were looking for a change... We did a great deal of shopping around town and found that Alaska Stove & Spas had the best pricing by far. One of the things that really interested us the most was that unlike everywhere else, they actually were committed to selling American made products. We purchased our Twilight Series Hot Tub and couldn't be happier. The water is always extremely clean and clear without using many chemicals at all. This Twilight spa is also smaller but with double the power of the other spa's we looked at. I just wanted to say thank you for such great service and a very nice product!"
- K. Simmons (Palmer, AK)
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