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Your wellness is truly dependent on your choices for healthier living: food and fitness for strength... relaxation for reducing stress and fatigue. Healthy balance is essential for every body. Healthy Living Hot Tubs pomote a buoyant balance for a fit mind, body, and spirit. Here, you can slip into a world of benefits that will help improve your quality of live through purposeful relief and enhanced wellness. Do some spa companies suggest not using full foam insulation, while others say you need it? While we at Wholesale Distributors of Alaska do suggest using full foam insulation, we can have the hot tub of your choosing built with or without full foam insulation. We will provide you with the pro's and con's of both ways and allow you to make that decision for yourself.

Also, only Healthy Living Spa's feature the Polar Wrap Insulation System built for the Arctic with Icynene technology. Icynene is a 100 percent water-blown foam insulation that expands to 100 times its volume. This dramatically reduces the waste volume. Icynene is applied without any ozone-destroying gases, and there are no gas emission hazards. Icynene insulation also maintains its insulating value for the life of the product, unlike some other foams that can lose half of their R-value in as little as two years. When dealing with an Arctic Climate such as Alaska's this would be an issue with most urethane insulated hot tubs, but not with Legacy Whirlpool Spa's!

As with nearly everything Wholesale Distributors of Alaska offers, Legacy Whirlpool is MADE IN THE USA unlike many other hot tub companies. Where is your hot tub made?!
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