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For over 30 years Cedar Mountain Spa Covers has prided itself on quality. They are constructed with marine grade vinyl designed to resist ultraviolet rays, mildew, and then sewn with polyester thread for longer life. The foam core is made from light, tapered, polystyrene foam reinforced with 20 gauge steel channels added strength. It is then sealed in 4 mil plastic to prevent water saturation, which can be increased to 8 mil if you choose the "Double Wrap Core" option!

Alaska Stove and Spa offers the most competitive custom cover prices in Alaska, and all include shipping to Anchorage!

Print the following form and fax to 562-7730 to order your cover today!
Foam Taper Explanation
4-2" Taper- The industry standard, 4" thick at the center hinge tapering to 2" on the ends to promote weather run off.

5-3" Taper- Becoming the new standard, a higher insulation rated cover with added strength while still maintaining light overall weight for handling.
Foam Density Explanation
1lb Foam- Best suited for indoors and covered by a gazebo or deck.  Not recommended for high snow areas.

1.5lb Foam- Great option for uncovered outdoor tubs.  Added strength provides increased stability, lower moisture retention, and higher insulation value.

2lb Foam- Strongest foam option available. Great for high snow load areas, and customers looking for the most insulation value when combined with the 5-3" taper option.
4-2" Tapered Cover 
Standard 1lb Foam-          $520.00
Deluxe 1.5lb Foam-           $540.00
Super Deluxe Foam- $600.00 
5-3" Tapered Cover 
Standard 1lb Foam-           $540.00
Deluxe 1.5lb Foam-            $600.00
Super Deluxe Foam- $650.00 
Extra Handles or Fasteners-  $10.00 Ea.
Extra Long Skirting 4.5-9"-     $20.00
Paneled Skirting-                       $20.00
Double Wrap Core-                  $40.00
Expedite Fee-                              $50.00

*Expedite- 4-5 Weeks
*Standard Shipping 8 Weeks 
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