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Our Company History

In 1967 our original store "Alaska Fireplace Co." on 13th and Gambell was established by Bob Carlson Sr.  This was the very first stove and fireplace store in the state of Alaska.  The business started out as a very small family-owned company offering heating products and stoves to the public.  Soon we branched out from stoves and fireplaces to include Finlandia sauna's, and Jacuzzi® as well! 

Eventually the business grew and expanded to include "Wholesale Distributors of Alaska". At the time this was only for licensed builders and/or contractors. However as time passed we felt it necessary to allow everyone to benefit from these great prices. With that, Robert Carlson Jr. expanded Wholesale Distributors of Alaska and the business was moved.

Eventually Alaska's building climate changed and customers wanted to see more burning models displayed, larger showrooms, and much bigger selections.  The days of the simple builder spec offerings had passed.  With that the decision was made to expand out to "Alaska Stove and Spa". Not only did the name say exactly what we do as a company, but Robert Carlson III was able to design a much nicer, and larger showroom.  We brought in a larger variety of manufacturers, built in many burning models, and established a huge showroom where we can display a large variety of hot tub, bath tub, and sauna options as well.  

Through 3 generations, and 50 years we have been a locally owned and operated Alaskan business.  We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you find that fireplace, stove, hot tub, or sauna that you have been looking for.  
Bob Carlson Sr. 
Robert Carlson Jr.

Robert Carlson III

As a third generation owner, Robert has grown up around the business.  In his early years he worked heavily in home construction as well as fabrication for the Alaska Railroad.  He has a vast knowledge and expertise in construction, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the technical and installation side of the industry.  When he is not working hard for our customers, he can be found building various projects at home or on the river enjoying some good Alaska Fishing with his wife and family.

Christy Carlson (Accounting/Sales)

Christy is Robert's wife, our accountant, buying adviser, and customer service expert. While she does take care of all the accounting for the business, she is excellent at spotting new trends in the industry.  Christy always makes sure we have the latest designs people are looking to see. Whether you want to keep your house traditional or are looking for the latest trends for you home, she has you covered. Christy also keeps us on top of any customer needs that may arise. Her priority is always to make sure our customers come first!    

Jeremy Rice 
(General Manager)

Jeremy is the "adopted" one of the group.  While not related by blood, he has been with the company for over 20 years, and all 3 generations of the Carlson family.  He has worked in every aspect of the business and is extremely knowledgable in every product we have to offer.  For a few years he also worked with one of the largest hot tub dealers in the country, and worked with both commercial as well as residential pools.  He is our hot tub and stove expert.  When he is not at work, he can be found enjoying time with his daughter on an ATV taking in the Alaskan scenery.  
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